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Our Mission

“Swargbook.com” is the only platform providing you to update “Shradhanjali” for the people who passed away. By posting to our site one can attain a specific url or can say a specific place that can last forever up to end. Our only thinking behind this idea is to make “Shradhanjali” a proud moment for the families who really care’s & love them who passed away.

What is Swargbook ?

The Swargbook Philosophy

We want to m ake “Shradhanjali” a precious moment which can last forever.

The Swargbook Promise

We Promise our client for regular updates and even for maintaining the stage of historical moments that can live forever.

We Can Be With You

We want to m ake “Shradhanjali” a precious moment which can last forever.


is a tribute portal which helps us relive the lives of our ancestors and departed loved ones. Here one can upload, store, publish and share biography, family tree, videos, photos, people can post condolence messages and also receive death and birth anniversary reminders.